How To Install Quickens Software Using Flash Drive

Quicken is a financial program that allows you to track all of your purchases, investments and even tax data. When you install the program you are asked to choose a location on your system where you want to store the installed software. When looking to store the software you will find that someplace on your hard drive is already occupied, in such a case you can install the program on an external device, such as an external hard drive or flash drive. This is helpful if you are trying to save room on the hard drive, but you are not able to use the program on multiple computers when installing this way as there are import files inserted into the registry of the computer that do not travel with you on the flash drive.

Putting financial management program Quicken onto a portable drive allows you to bring it back and forth between work and home computers and to backup Quicken files. As an added bonus as this ensures the privacy of your financial data as it will be always in your hands.

You can load Quicken onto a portable drive such as a flash drive either by instant download or using your CD drive also with a single Quicken license, you can install the program on your two computer systems along with a portable drive also in case of difficulty one can avail an online support from QuickBooks premier tech support phone number toll-free.

Below we have some of the simple steps one can follow to install the Quickens software using a Flash Drive:

  • Your first step is to insert the USB flash drive into one of the USB ports on the computer system.
  • Now insert the Quicken software installation CD into the disc drive of the computer and wait for the installation wizard to load onto the screen.
  • Now click “Next” on the welcome page then accept the end user agreement.
  • Further choose “Browse” when asked for an installation location and choose the USB flash drive. Click “OK” then “Next” when shown the installation name.
  • Now finally select “Install” and the Quicken software will be installed onto the USB flash drive.

Thus, these were some of the very simple steps one can follow to install the Quickens software. Also those who find it difficult to follow the step by step process or are having no time to follow such steps can avail an online support from Quicken technical support services. These are the online support services working to offer right solutions to the US customers related to Quickens software. Also one can avail these support services by giving a toll-free call at QuickBooks premier tech support phone number.   


How to Convert QuickBooks for Windows Payroll?

We all know what QuickBooks is all about? It is an Accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit. QuickBooks is specially designed for small and medium startup businesses. It offers on-premises accounting applications along with cloud based versions that accepts payments, manages and pays bills and other payroll functions. QuickBooks offers great ease and support to people dealing with small scale business and handling accounting and financial structures. Each new version of QuickBooks come with some or the other wonderful and interesting features and functionalities and for any QuickBooks related issue customers can avail support from QuickBooks Payroll Support services.


We all know QuickBooks payroll is designed to help the users to maintain the record of all the current working employees along with their professional details including their salary, taxes and transactions. Through the use of QuickBooks payroll support you can easily maintain the records of your employees, their salary and other legal proceedings and can easily offer the right employee with the right salary. Those QuickBooks users looking to convert QuickBooks for Windows payroll but are not able to avail the right support can either follow the below mentioned steps or can avail an online support from QuickBooks Payroll Support services.
Before converting your QuickBooks for Windows Payroll all you need to do is to print the following information:

•    Payroll Summary report of each employee for the current year.

•    Payroll Summary report for every payroll run for the current tax period.

•    Now your very first step is to open QuickBooks and click employee under employee go to complete payroll setup.

•    Now enter general information of your current business.

•    Enter the required information about your Payroll including weather you have already paid your employees this year or not.

•    Now under the list of the names of the employees, see the name of the employee having an orange exclamation point in the left of their name, click on the name to fulfill pending information.

•    Review and complete employee info, including withholdings, pay schedule, pay rate, pay type and deductions etc.

•    Confirm your tax filing info, including federal, state, and employee details.

•    Complete your prior payroll information. Click each pay date to review details.

•    Finally you have successfully converted your QuickBooks Online Payroll, click Continue and you can run your first payroll right away by clicking run payroll now.

Vista Support

These were some of the very simple and easy steps one can follow and can convert QuickBooks for Windows Payroll. Those having no time to follow the above mentioned steps can avail an online support from QuickBooks Payroll Support Number services. These are the online support services working round the clock to offer right solutions to the customers through the use of remote technology. These online support services are offered by learned and experienced technicians through the use of remote technology. These technicians share the screen of the user’s system and resolves issues immediately anywhere and at any time that too at a very reasonable rate. To avail these best online support services customers can give a toll-free call at QuickBooks l Support Number. So, do not wait just pick up the phone and give a toll-free call to avail best services at your desk within no time.


What Are The Ways To Record Debit Card Cash Transaction In QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is one of the most preferred accounting software for small business including wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers and much more. Almost every business industry has to keep record of debit, credit, profit and loss. For small scale businesses QuickBooks is the best software that allows the customers to keep such records. QuickBooks comes with a premier version that allows the user to run the software on to five different systems with different login entries. This is another way for small scale businesses to manage transaction and other records with ease. Along with this, through the use of QuickBooks payroll one can easily maintain the record of number of working employs, salary records, transaction record and much more as a user if you face difficulty you can avail help from QuickBooks Technical Support Number services.

Now, in case you want to record Debit card cash transactions into your QuickBooks, although there is no inbuilt way to record such transactions but here we have some of the easy steps to work around this issues.

•    First of all open QuickBooks software into your system and click “Banking” at the top of the page and then go to “Cash expenses.”

•    Now choose the bank account that was used from the “cash account” field.

•    Now enter your desired name or number or code to indicate you are a debit card user.

•    Now in “Purchase from” field, fill in the vendor’s name.

•    Fill the “amount” and “Date” as required.

•    Now go to the “Account Field” and select expense account that you will use to track the charges.

•    Finally click “saves” on the bottom right.

These were some of the simple steps to be followed so as to record debit card transactions into your QuickBooks. Now if you want to add a debit card transaction into your QuickBooks you can follow the steps above and in case of difficulty you can avail help from QuickBooks Premier Support services.

These are the online support services working round the clock to avail help to customers facing issues with QuickBooks premier or Payroll version. These services offer complete solution to the users including A to Z issues related to QuickBooks. These services are run by expert technicians who work 24/7 to help customers anytime and anywhere.

Here help is offered exclusively to US customers through remote technology. Technicians take customers PC on remote and resolves issues. It is also guaranteed that none of the customer’s data is lost or misused by the technicians and best services are offered here on time and at a reasonable rate. To avail these best services users can give these services a call a QuickBooks payroll Support Number toll-free.1-844-706-6636


What Are The Ways To Adjust Inventory In QuickBooks?

If you are a business man and want to keeps a record or list of your business items including stock of goods and other capitals but facing issues with keeping an inventory. So, in such a case what you can do is track your inventory with the help of QuickBooks. With the help of QuickBooks you or your bookkeeper can store inventory information and also can adjust inventory counts and other values based on current market. By keeping financial record of your inventories with the help of QuickBooks you need not to pay taxes for those inventories which you do not have in your store. So as a businessman you should always keep a record of your inventories through the help of QuickBooks. Also it is not a difficult task to keep a record and adjust these inventories with the help of QuickBooks. In case of any inability you can take help from QuickBooks technical support services.


Here we have some of the important steps to be followed to adjust your inventories into your QuickBooks, these are- Continue reading

How to Speed Up QuickBooks Premier?

QuickBooks Premier running slow on your PC will also affect the accounting task resulting delay in reporting or other processing or work related with your QuickBooks database. The speed and performance of QuickBooks Premier is mainly affected due to low RAM and less space available in hard drive. But here are few tips that will help you to speed up this software.
Clear Unnecessary Data from Hard Drive
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How to Fix, Quicken Not Updating Transactions?

Quicken, very useful finance software helps you to keep track record of all the financial transaction including daily expenses and other payments. You can make entries through multiple devices like mobile phone with customize option to view the data in various formats.

However, sometimes transactions are not updated even after several entries, and there could be multiple reasons showing such issues. A proper diagnosis and right troubleshooting process discussed below is necessary to update all the transactions correctly.


The server of Financial Institution not responding

Sometimes after entering the entries of financial transactions banks or financial institutions not update such entries on their server, resulting Quicken not get updates timely. Maybe some issue with server or running under maintenance will not provide you any update. To know about such issues, visit your banks website for such notification.

Check the Internet Connection on your System

This is very common or main reason when you not able to download the transaction on your Quicken software. Hence, check internet connection on your system or mobile before you download or update any transaction on your Quicken software. If internet is working fine than call Quicken technical support and get online help to find the actual problem.

Configure Account Settings in Quicken

If you have not setup or configured the account setting of your Quicken in right way, you can face such issues. If you have changed the password or modified other settings through your PC, then update on your mobile or on other devices you are accessing. And if you need assistance you can take Quicken support to configure your account settings properly to avoid such issues.

Call to Quicken Tech Support for Specific Errors

While updating or downloading the financial transactions, if you are getting specific code, then check the name or code of error and call the QuickBooks customer support phone number for online help where professional technician will identify the error and fix the same remotely with right troubleshooting process while ensuring the data safety and privacy of your software. QuickBooks support is always open to attend users for resolving such issues.


How to Manually Setup QuickBooks Payroll Software?

QuickBooks Payroll is a staff salary & payroll management software helps to maintain the records of all workforces with customize options to calculate and estimate remuneration of different levels of employees working at different types of business houses and commercial units including companies, shops, restaurants and retail outlets etc.

If you got this accounting software, then you can setup QuickBooks Payroll manually to customize your settings as per your needs. If you don’t know how to setup QuickBooks payroll manually, then read below the right steps to setup QuickBooks Payroll manually.
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How to Migrate QuickBooks from One Computer to Another?

If you got new computer and now looking to move your QuickBooks software into the new system, then you need to follow a right process for successfully installing this accounting software into new device. Find below the steps to move or transfer QuickBooks setup from one computer to another application with complete database and settings.


Step1: You need to install the setup of QuickBooks through online or the disk you got at the time of purchase of software package. Also keep the activation code for your software version.

Step2: Create backup of your existing software into your older system. You can also take QuickBooks online support to create backup and restore the same into other place. Keep the backup into an external drive of flash drive to easily transfer the same into new PC. Continue reading