What Are The Ways To Record Debit Card Cash Transaction In QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is one of the most preferred accounting software for small business including wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers and much more. Almost every business industry has to keep record of debit, credit, profit and loss. For small scale businesses QuickBooks is the best software that allows the customers to keep such records. QuickBooks comes with a premier version that allows the user to run the software on to five different systems with different login entries. This is another way for small scale businesses to manage transaction and other records with ease. Along with this, through the use of QuickBooks payroll one can easily maintain the record of number of working employs, salary records, transaction record and much more as a user if you face difficulty you can avail help from QuickBooks Technical Support Number services.

Now, in case you want to record Debit card cash transactions into your QuickBooks, although there is no inbuilt way to record such transactions but here we have some of the easy steps to work around this issues.

•    First of all open QuickBooks software into your system and click “Banking” at the top of the page and then go to “Cash expenses.”

•    Now choose the bank account that was used from the “cash account” field.

•    Now enter your desired name or number or code to indicate you are a debit card user.

•    Now in “Purchase from” field, fill in the vendor’s name.

•    Fill the “amount” and “Date” as required.

•    Now go to the “Account Field” and select expense account that you will use to track the charges.

•    Finally click “saves” on the bottom right.

These were some of the simple steps to be followed so as to record debit card transactions into your QuickBooks. Now if you want to add a debit card transaction into your QuickBooks you can follow the steps above and in case of difficulty you can avail help from QuickBooks Premier Support services.

These are the online support services working round the clock to avail help to customers facing issues with QuickBooks premier or Payroll version. These services offer complete solution to the users including A to Z issues related to QuickBooks. These services are run by expert technicians who work 24/7 to help customers anytime and anywhere.

Here help is offered exclusively to US customers through remote technology. Technicians take customers PC on remote and resolves issues. It is also guaranteed that none of the customer’s data is lost or misused by the technicians and best services are offered here on time and at a reasonable rate. To avail these best services users can give these services a call a QuickBooks payroll Support Number toll-free.1-844-706-6636

Source: https://www.hr.com/en/app/blog/2017/03/what-are-the-ways-to-record-debit-card-cash-transa_j0akwdqq.html


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